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The Ramones ♦ Rocket to Russia

La Manzana Verde

The Ramones ♦ Rocket to Russia

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Label: Cobraside
Release Date: 9/27/2005
General Rock
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1 Cretin Hop -
2 Rockaway Beach -
3 Here Today, Gone Tomorrow -
4 Locket Love -
5 I Don't Care -
6 Sheena Is a Punk Rocker -
7 We're a Happy Family -
8 Teenage Lobotomy -
9 Do You Wanna Dance? -
10 I Wanna Be Well -
11 I Can't Give You Anything -
12 Ramona -
13 Surfin' Bird -
14 Why Is It Always This Way? -



Rocket to Russia boasts a cleaner production than its predecessors, which only gives the Ramones music more force. It helps that the group wrote its finest set of songs for the album. From the mindless, bopping opening of "Cretin Hop" and "Rockaway Beach" to the urban surf rock of "Sheena Is a Punk Rocker" and the ridiculous anthem "Teenage Lobotomy," the songs are teeming with irresistibly catchy hooks; even their choice of covers, "Do You Want to Dance?" and "Surfin' Bird," provide more hooks than usual. The Ramones also branch out slightly, adding ballads to the mix.



- Carl White
- Dee Dee Ramone
- Joey Ramone
- Johnny Ramone
- Sonny Harris
- The Ramones
- The Ramones
- Tommy Ramone
- Turner Wilson


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