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The Moody Blues ♦ Question of Balance (Limited Edition)

La Manzana Verde

The Moody Blues ♦ Question of Balance (Limited Edition)

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Release Date: 4/29/2014
Genre: Rock
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1 Question -
2 How Is It (We Are Here) -
3 And the Tide Rushes in -
4 Don't You Feel Small -
5 Tortoise and the Hare -
6 It's Up to You -
7 Minstrel's Song -
8 Dawning Is the Day -
9 Melancholy Man -
10 The Balance -



Another huge #1 smash for The Moody Blues and a stellar continuance of their progressive rock sound for the fans of this legendary English quintet. Their 6th album is filled with more melodic rockers like the powerful Ray Thomas classic 'And the Tide Rushes In,' John Lodge's workout on 'Tortoise and the Hare', plus Mike Pinder masterpiece 'How Is It (We Are Here).' Out out print on LP for years, and now on 180 gram vinyl remastered at Friday Music studios.



- The Moody Blues

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