Tienda "La Manzana Verde"
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Rory Gallagher ♦ Photo Finish [Import]

La Manzana Verde

Rory Gallagher ♦ Photo Finish [Import]

$ 970.00

Label: Music on Vinyl
Release Date: 11/6/2012
Genre: Rock
UPC: 8718469531530
Product ID: MUVN6953153.1
Weight: .7 lb
Last Return Date: 11/6/2012
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1 Shin Kicker
2 Brute Force and Ignorance
3 Cruise on Out
4 Cloak and Dagger
5 Overnight Bag
6 Shadow Play
7 The Missisippi Sheiks
8 The Last of the Independents
9 Fuel to the Fire



- Rory Gallagher

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