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Primal Scream ♦ Screamadelica (2LP)

La Manzana Verde

Primal Scream ♦ Screamadelica (2LP)

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Label: Plain
Release Date: 6/17/2003
General Rock
UPC: 646315510614
Product ID: PLAI106.1
Weight: 23.4 ounces
Last Return Date: 6/17/2003



Movin' on Up -
2 Slip Inside This House -
3 Don't Fight It, Feel It -
4 Higher Than the Sun -
5 Inner Flight -
6 Come Together -
7 Loaded -
8 Damaged -
9 I'm Comin' Down -
10 Higher Than the Sun [A Dub Symphony in Two Parts] -
11 Shine Like Stars -


(2-LP set) There's no underestimating the importance of "Screamadelica," the record that brought acid house, techno, and rave culture crashing into the British mainstream -- an impact that rivaled that of Nirvana's "Nevermind," the other 1991 release that changed rock. Prior to "Screamadelica," Primal Scream were Stonesy classic rock revivalists with a penchant for Detroit rock. They retained those fascinations on this LP -- one listen to the Jimmy Miller-produced, Stephen Stills-rip "Movin' on Up" proves that -- but they burst everything wide open here, turning rock inside out by marrying it to a gleeful rainbow of modern dance textures. Original artwork, 180 gram vinyl. (Previously deleted: 11/1/05. Original release date: 6/6/03)



- Andrew Innes
- Andrew Weatherall
- Bobby Gillespie
- Denise Johnson
- Hugoth Nicolson
- Jah Wobble
- Jimmy Miller
- Primal Scream
- Robert Young
- The Orb

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