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Green Day ♦ Tre

La Manzana Verde

Green Day ♦ Tre

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Release Date: 2/12/2013
Genre: Punk
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1 Brutal Love -
2 Missing You -
3 8th Avenue Serenade -
4 Drama Queen -
5 X-Kid -
6 Sex, Drugs & Violence -
7 A Little Boy Named Train -
8 Amanda -
9 Walk Away -
10 Dirty Rotten Bastards -
11 99 Revolutions -
12 The Forgotten -



If ¡Uno! and ¡Dos! did it all for the Dookie kids, ¡Tre! might be a shout to fans of 2000's Warning. Green Day's third disc in three months lets their tightly wound hooks decompress, delivering stadium-worthy three-chord nods to various ghosts of rock past, from Otis Redding to Baba O'Riley. There are odd ducks here (an operatic six-minute suite, a spiky Occupy ode), but any band offering up a whole trilogy to the altar of no-bones rock & roll shouldn't be taken for granted



- Green Day

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