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Deep Purple ♦ Long Beach 1971 [Import]

La Manzana Verde

Deep Purple ♦ Long Beach 1971 [Import]

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Release Date: 3/17/2015
Genre: Heavy Metal
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1 Speed King -
2 Strange Kind of Woman -
3 Child Intime -
4 Mandrake Root -



Yet another edition of this highly acclaimed live series. We are now hearing a recording of Long Beach in 1971 where Deep Purple MK II front of 'Child in Time ' and ' Speed King ' from ' in Rock ' which had been released the previous year and also ' Strange Kind of Woman ' and a very extended version (a full 27 minutes long) of ' Mandrake Root ' from the debut album.This performance was recorded and broadcast by a local radio station. All the songs have been remastered and the booklet contains unique images and new liner notes.



- Deep Purple

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