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Cesar Rosas ♦ Soul Disguise

La Manzana Verde

Cesar Rosas ♦ Soul Disguise

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Label: Los Angeles Recordin
Release Date: 12/22/2015
Genre: Rock
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1 Little Heaven
2 You've Got to Lose)
3 Tough to Handle
4 Angelito
5 Struck
6 Shack and Shambles
7 Better Way
8 Soul Disguise
9 Treat Me Right
10 Adios Mi Vida
11 Racing the Moon
12 E. Los Ballad # 13



Vinyl LP pressing. First time on vinyl ever. On this fine 1999 debut solo album, it comes as no surprise to find veteran Los Lobos singer/songwriter-guitarist Cesar Rosas revisiting the R&B, soul, roots-rock, and norteño ingredients that made his East L.A. band's musical stew so compelling. What's revealing is Rosas's willingness to deconstruct his Grammy-winning band's sound back to its constituent components, making Soul Disguise play like a loving journey across borders both musical and national.



Cesar Rosas

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