Tienda "La Manzana Verde"
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Blues Magoos ♦ Electric Comic Book

La Manzana Verde

Blues Magoos ♦ Electric Comic Book

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Release Date: 2/22/2011
Genre: Psychedelic/Garage
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1 Pipe Dream -
2 There's a Chance We Can Make It -
3 Life Is Just a Cher O'Bowlies -
4 Gloria -
5 Intermission -
6 Albert Common Is Dead -
7 Summer Is the Man -
8 Baby, I Want You -
9 Let's Get Together -
10 Take My Love -
11 Rush Hour -
12 That's All Folks -



Alternately droning and driving, the Magoos' second LP ranks at the top of the psychedelic heap. Pipe Dream and There's a Chance We Can Make It both charted; Rush Hour; Albert Common Is Dead, and their trippy take on Gloria are essentials, too. And check this out: The vinyl edition includes a replica of the comic book that accompanied the original LP!



- Blues Magoos

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