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The Beatles ♦ Let It Be Naked (2PC)

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The Beatles ♦ Let It Be Naked (2PC)

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Label: Emd Int'l
Release Date: 7/15/2008 General Rock
UPC: 724359543802
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- Disc 1 -
1 Get Back -
2 Dig A Pony -
3 For You Blue -
4 The Long And Winding Road -
5 Two Of Us -
6 I've Got A Feeling -
7 One After 909 -
8 Don't Let Me Down -
9 I Me Mine -
10 Across The Universe -
11 Let It Be -
- Disc 2 –
1 Fly on the Wall -

Australian limited edition 2 LP set. In its original form, Let It Be signaled the end of an era, closing the book on the Beatles, as well as literally and figuratively marking the end of the '60s. The 1970 release evolved from friction-filled sessions the Beatles intended to be an organic, bare-bones return to their roots. Instead, the endless hours of tapes were eventually handed over to Phil Spector, since neither the quickly splintering Beatles nor their longtime producer George Martin wanted to sift through the voluminous results. Let It Be... Naked sets the record straight, revisiting the contentious sessions, stripping away the Spectorian orchestrations, reworking the running order, and losing all extemporaneous in-studio banter. On this version of the album, filler tracks ("Dig It," "Maggie Mae") are dropped, while juicy b-side "Don't Let Me Down" is added. The most obvious revamping is on the songs handled heavily by Spector. Removing the orchestrations from "The Long and Winding Road" and "Across the Universe" gives Paul McCartney's vocals considerably more resonance on the former, doing the same for John Lennon's voice and guitar on the latter. This alternate take on Let It Be enhances the album's power, reclaiming the raw, unadorned quality that was meant to be its calling card from the beginning. EMI. 2005.




- Alan Rouse
- Billy Preston
- George Harrison
- George Martin
- Guy Massey
- John Lennon
- Paul Hicks
- Paul McCartney
- Ringo Starr
- The Beatles
- The Beatles

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